In 2016, one of the Oxford Dictionaries’ “words of the year” was hygge, a Danish word that describes a “quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of … well-being.” And although it was projected that in 2017, the Swedish term “lagome” would overtake “hygge,” the Danish word prevailed as a concept that defined 2017’s books, podcasts, style and design. While some 2017 trends are worth blocking out forever (bye-bye, unnecessary contouring), the Danish concept of coziness can be easily implemented into your 2018 travel regimen. Check out some of the top ways to have hygge while you travel:

1. Dress for comfort

While pajamas in the airport will never be OK, you can still have a bit of hygge and travel in style. Here are some comfortable options for travel time: flowy pieces that will still keep you warm in the chilly airport—think loose dresses and cardigans—or a comfy pair of trousers and worn-in jeans with a relaxed button-up. In addition, wear easy-to-take-off shoes for airport security, and bring a pair of collapsible shoes or slippers for the flight.

2. Bring the right tunes

Nothing is worse than listening to the intercom announcer for hours while you wait for your delayed flight. Tune the stress out and relax with your favorite music on your phone or other listening device. For maximum comfort, snag a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Listen to chilled classical music or jam to some of the best travel songs to really get into the travel spirit.

3. Prepare relaxing activities

Consider packing an adult coloring book and colored pencils or downloading some high-spirited podcasts for times when you have to wait during your travels. Or, when all else fails, even people-watching in the airport can be hygge. Remember, the Danish concept of hygge is more about how you feel, not the activities, so do whatever makes you feel most comfortable and cozy.

Whether you feel hygge in a pair of comfy slippers or zoning out to Enya, you can easily take the concept of coziness into your airline travels.

Tokyo’s airport provides plenty of opportunities for hygge. Photo by Harry Knight on Unsplash