Airbnb revolutionized how we travel. Now renting a car is just as personal.

TravelCar is a car-sharing option that allows travelers to pick up a car from the airport and use it during their trip. Sure, it sounds like renting a car—but the difference is that the car belongs to another person and not a car rental company. Here’s how it works: if you’ve planned a week vacation and would like to make some extra money during that time, TravelCar will put your car on their registry and let travelers use your car while you are not.

Owners park their cars at the participating airports (for free in TravelCar’s designated parking area) and then provide the company with the dates the car is available. TravelCar then insures your car to cover any accidents or issues that may occur while your car is being used. If the renter gets a ticket, for example, that’s on them and not you. Renters must also have clean driving records to use your vehicle. Furthermore, renters can only drive the allotted miles you allow and will be expected to pay an overage fee if needed.

Similar to other car-sharing options like Zipcar, your car will only be available when you aren’t using it, so renters can’t extend their reservation past the date and time you agree to.

“We use your car as a rental car. It’s the wave of the future,” said Shant Mouradian, TravelCar’s spokesperson. “We are going to clean it. Hand it back to you clean. You will make money. You will save some money, but the important thing is you share and you are a part of that sharing community.”

TravelCar is being used all over the world and can be found at many major airports across the United States, including Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Chicago O’Hare, John F. Kennedy Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor, and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.