Family vacations may be stalled again as the delta variant makes travel unwise, but it’s always time to plan your next trip. Here are a few destinations around the world that are particularly child-friendly.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Summer days are mild and long, making this island city a popular place for outdoorsy family vacations. There are geothermal spas both sophisticated and rustic, all of them family-friendly. Particularly recommended for those with young children is the Perlan, an exploratorium with the world’s only indoor ice cave, a simulated Northern Lights experience if you aren’t lucky enough to be there for the real thing, and ziplines over the building’s expansive planted roof.

Athens, Greece

A good destination for families with children old enough to have an interest in history and mythology, Athens has some of the world’s most stunning and accessible icons of the ancient world, like the Parthenon, Acropolis, and Temple of Athena. Just outside the city are more ruins suitable for day hiking, including Hadrian’s Library, the Temples of Olympian gods Zeus and Posiedon, and Delphi with the Temple of Apollo. (Hint: if your child is into the Percy Jackson book series, all of these will be a huge hit.)


Singapore is considered the most family-friendly country in Asia for tourists, famous for cleanliness and vivid sights. Gardens by the Bay is a popular attraction, with its OCBC Skyway allowing you to walk through the vertical botanical gardens. At night, the Singapore Night Safari is a special treat for kids who love exotic animals they might not get to see in their local zoos.

New York City

Prefer your family vacations a little closer to home? When it’s safe to sit in a theater again, spoil yourself and your kids with a Broadway play, go explore the High Line or Little Island, or take a day trip out to Coney Island.

Photo: The Perlan Museum and Planetarium in Reykjavik, Iceland. Credit: Jane Rix /