Prince Edward Island has a new tourist attraction, for those who like to walk and explore.

Prince Edward Island, most often known as PEI, is Canada’s smallest province, a long, snaking island in the eastern reaches of the country. The site of Anne of Green Gables and other historic Canadian literature, the island is rich in sandy beaches, charming small towns, and rustic rural scenery.

The Island Walk, which was completed in September last year, is a 435-mile trail which entirely circumnavigates the island. It includes long coastal trails including the historic Confederation Trail, as well as dirt roads and streets through historic sections of the island’s two cities. At a leisurely 12 to 15 miles a day, it would take you 32 days to transit. Most people, of course, will pick and choose which parts to walk, and they have plenty of opportunity to do so.

The trail passes through both of the two cities on Prince Edward Island, which gives it access to the international airport and many hotels. In fact, all the way around the trial, lodging partners are marked on the trail’s map, hotels and inns which offer shuttles to and from the trial, or opportunities for trail-walkers to have their luggage sent on ahead of them.

PEI has a reputation as a ‘foodie’ destination, and The Island Walk reflects that, visiting many places famous for their food, such as the Lobster Barn in Victoria-by-the-Sea, the Canadian Potato Museum in O’Leary, and seasonally, the Oyster Festival inn Tyne Valley. A 435-mile walk requires fuel, after all.

For those who like to document their travel victories, the Island Walk has a 32-page passport available for $10 (It comes with a patch!). Anyone who completes the passport, whether they tackle the walk in one go or come back year after year to do it piecemeal, can get a certificate of completion for the trail.

Photo: Shutterstock