Travel is important to you. Whether you’re a well-seasoned jet-setter or a homebody with big plans you’ve yet to actualize, the past year and change have been enough to make anyone feel confined. But maybe some vicarious travel reading will scratch that itch. Here is a small, curated selection of travel blogs for inspiration—or maybe just for solace.

Jungles in Paris

This blog is heavily focused on the local human life anywhere it goes. Rich in photos and video, it takes you all over the world, from improvised hunting cabins on the Arctic ice to herding camels in Rajasthan to film festivals in Finland. Whenever they can, they explore local crafts and arts. The articles are well-researched, respectful, and clearly written. They’re taking the pandemic off, but there are 110 articles to go back and savor.

On the Grid

Curated for the city-goer, this blog plucks off the masks of urban centers all over the world to give you a look at their true faces. Neighborhood by neighborhood. With posts written by local creatives in over 500 hyperlocal neighborhoods in over 100 cities, you can almost feel the sidewalks and hear the unique music of each place. When travel begins again, this one will be an incredible resource to add dimension and aim to any urban traveling. It’s themed towards featuring arts culture and safe travel for minorities.

Randomland Adventures

Okay, this one is a YouTube channel, not a blog, but it deserves mention. JustinScarred and his partner travel the American Southwest, California, and Oregon, visiting roadside curio shops, haunted motels, wilderness areas, niche theme parks, and of course, Disneyland. Whatever kind of road-tripping you like, he’s done it, and he’ll tell you about it with more energy than a kindergarten class field trip to a RedBull factory.

The world is still out there, and it is still waiting for you. It just took some medical leave. Enjoy these travel blogs, and we hope we’ll all be able to start traveling again soon!