The William Vale hotel in Brooklyn is by no means small with 183 rooms, but most New Yorkers have probably never noticed it. A modest 23 stories, this hotel is all about the view. Every room features floor-to-ceiling window, many of them overlooking that classic Manhattan skyline across the East River. With travel off the table, those desperate to get away might really appreciate this lofty luxury spot.

The William Vale is leaning hard into the idea of a winter paradise, with their rooftop ice rink surrounded by cozy little chalet cabins where one can have a wonderful little après-ski with champagne and fondue while lounging in pillows and enjoying that skyline.

For those who like atmosphere more than privacy, there’s Westlight downstairs, the trendy mezzanine bar. It’s all outdoor seating these days, but glass enclosures and outdoor heaters make sure the winter weather doesn’t distract you from your comforts and company.

For indoor pleasures, the William Vale is currently offering their Winter Spa, a pop-up UV relaxation spa. It’s billed as a cardio exercise, but it mostly involves being wrapped in heated blankets and taking a nap.

Back to the most important part of any hotel, the rooms. The William Vale’s rooms run the gamut from modest queen rooms for the traveler who doesn’t intend to spend much time in them to the lavish Vale Garden Residence, a two-story apartment decorated by local Brooklyn artists and featuring its own balcony garden, complete with a large, European-style outdoor jacuzzi with a private view of the Brooklyn cityscape.

With all of the crucial COVID precautions being taken, it’s the perfect time to step out of daily life for a moment. The sort of hand-crafted personal luxury available at destination hotels like the William Vale isn’t only for tourists. It’s just another way to love your own hometown.

Photo: Two Brooklyn, N.Y., hotels—the Wythe Hotel (front) and The William Vale (back). Credit: John Penney /