With much of the white-collar world in the United States currently working from home, perhaps it shouldn’t be any surprise that companies are looking to market to that audience. Especially in the tourist industries, which have been hit so hard by travel restrictions that economists say recovery may take decades.

Las Vegas, which is suffering from travel restriction-related slowdowns, canceled conventions and trade shows, and people generally tightening their wallets, is looking to get a little piece of that work-from-home action. MGM Resorts, which owns 16 properties on the famous Las Vegas Strip, is looking to hook business professions with a new travel package called “Viva Las Office.”

“As millions of people continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, we recognized the opportunity to offer a change of scenery in a safe and curated way,” said Atif Rafiq, president of commercial and growth for MGM Resorts. And the Viva Las Office program is providing just that.

For as low as $100 a day (3-day minimum stay), you could do your Zoom meetings from your hotel room in the Bellagio or the Aria hotel, and then spend the rest of the day taking advantage of amenities like private pools, massages, discounts on tourist activities and food, and that sort of thing. The package also includes an “executive assistant,” who is really just a personal concierge.

While it all sounds fun, a way to get that vacation you had to cancel back while still doing your job, Las Vegas won’t help you forget the current crisis. COVID-19 rates are rising in Nevada, especially in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located. Hotels are requiring temperature checks before people are allowed inside, seating at restaurants is heavily reduced, and masks are required at all times if you’re outside your room. But Viva Las Office might be worth it, just to be able to brag to your coworkers about where you are while they’re folding laundry during a conference call and you’re eating room service.

Photo: Shutterstock